Enkaustikos – EnkaustiKolors Warm Set

Enkaustikos - EnkaustiKolors Warm Set

Set of four 13 ML encaustic paints



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Step into the world of encaustic with EnkaustiKolors.  EnkaustiKolors sets offer a wide range of ready to use encaustic paints especially created for teachers, and mixed media artists. EnkaustiKolors are made from USP grade beeswax, damar resin and artist’s quality pigments. Each set provides a unique array of appealing colors that are ideal for painting, printmaking, collage and a variety of mixed media applications. All colors in this set are light fast. EnkaustiKolors are perfect for workshops and the classroom and can be used with any Enkaustikos products.

13ml each color
Do not heat above 200 degrees.