* Stencil Girl® – Coral

* Stencil Girl® - Coral

9" x 12" Stencil, Mylar


Coral was designed by June Pfaff Daley.

This stencil is produced by Stencil Girl® Products, a company known for their quality.  The stencils are made of Mylar, a plastic film that is heat resistant. The stencils are thick enough to be strong and long lasting, yet thin enough to provide a seamless look in your work. The stencils are laser cut for precision and made right here in the USA!

:  Use stencils for painting, monoprinting, layering, incising, masking, or as a template for drawing.

Cleaning:  If used with encaustic paint, clean the stencil by placing it between paper towels, put on a warm palette, wait for the wax to melt and wipe clean.  Be careful not to leave your stencil on the palette for extended periods of time.


“StencilGirl” is a federally registered trademark owned by StencilGirl, LLC.